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What are Pixels Pets?
What are Pixels Pets?
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Introducing Pixel Pets: your new digital companions with immediate utility. Pixels Pets are NFTs minted on the Ronin Chain.


What Makes Pixel Pets Unique?

Pixels Pets are in-game NFTs with utility. Your companion accompanies you through the game, serving not only as a status symbol but also enhancing your gaming experience. Each pet has unique artwork, allowing for millions of variations (and potential for rare traits!)

Minting a pet is done via in-game activities. Players must first acquire a pet capsule. A capsule can be acquired by in-game methods and will be announced in the server before minting goes live.

Your Pet's Utility

When your pet accompanies you, it provides additional storage. The stronger your pet, the more storage it offers. However, keeping your pet happy is vital to access this feature, requiring you to provide food, water, and playtime. Additionally, your pet expands your interaction radius with all objects, players and entities around you!

Pet Stats and Streaks

Each Pixel Pet comes with three key stats: strength, speed, and luck. These stats determine the different features that your pet provides. For example: the stronger your pet is, the more storage it provides. And, exciting new features like pet streaks are coming soon. By taking good care of your pet every day, you'll unlock major benefits, adding to your in-game experience.

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