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Where do I get a Pet Capsule?

Genesis Pet Capsules were available during the Carnival event in November 2023.

Doggo Pet Capsules were available February 27th 2024.

Other Pet Capsules were available via small in-game events and could be won from various methods.

More opportunities for pet capsules will be available in the future, or you can find them on the SkyMavis marketplace!

How often will there be a Pet Mint?

The plan is to do a pet mint every month or so! The traits will vary for each pet mint. They will be similar 24-hour long mints, but will vary in price and eligibility.

How do I hatch my Pets?

  1. Purchase a Growth Lab from the Pet Store and place it on your land.

    1. Only the landowner can use their growth lab!

  2. Head back to the Pet Store and craft some potions. The better ingredients you use, the higher quality potions you'll make! These will lead to better stats for your pet.

  3. Once you've crafted a sufficient amount, go back to the Growth Lab and start the hatching process!

    1. Pour your chosen potions into the growth lab [You need 30 Potions]!

    2. Wait until it tells you to select a capsule to hatch.

    3. Wait for the machine to transport you to the hatching screen

    4. Give it 30 minutes to finish hatching your pet!

Congratulations, you now have a little in-game companion!!

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