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Storage Potential within the world of Terra Villa

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This guide will outline the various forms of storage & inventory, as well as delve into details about map storage, Quonset huts and silos!

Player Inventory

When a player starts their adventure within Terra Villa, they are given a backpack with 3 rows of 6 inventory slots. 6 slots are always visible in the Action Bar.

You can open this backpack by selecting the Up-Arrow button at the top of the Action Bar to be able to view all the contents of the bag.

If you would like to rotate between active rows, you can select the Cycle button on the right-hand side of the Action Bar, or you can click tab on your keyboard.

You cannot hold more items than your inventory space. If your inventory space becomes filled, you will not be able to accept any other items until there's sufficient space within your bag.

Some items can stack! In the image above, you will see that there is 1 watering can, 1 shears and 6 seeds. Seeds can stack up to a specific limit, as well as many other items. However, there are some items that do not stack. When the stack limit has been reached, it will take up another space in your bag.

Additional Free Storage Chests

As of May 3rd, 2024, there are 3 additional storage chests placed around Terra Villa. Their locations vary, but each of these storage chests offer 12 additional spaces for a free user to utilize.

The locations are:

  1. The Post Office

  2. The Drunken Goose

  3. The Moca Club House [you will need a MOCA ID to be able to use this one]

Increasing Inventory

There are a couple of ways that you can increase your inventory space.

The first way to do this is to purchase VIP. VIP will offer one additional row of bag space [6 slots].

The second way is to become a land owner. Becoming a land owner will also offer an additional row of bag space [6 slots].

If you are both a land owner and VIP, these slots will stack, offering an additional 12 spaces within your bag.

Crafting Storage

So increasing your inventory is nice and all, but what about storage? You may want to have your own personal storage system. You can craft storage chests! Get into some woodworking, and you may find the path that you need to create your own personal storage chests.

And don't forget to place them on a land that you own [such as your Speck] otherwise you won't be able to access its contents.

Trash Cans

Don't want to store items and would prefer to just throw them away? Completely understandable. Some items might be taking up too much space and you don't want them anymore. Scattered around Terra Villa are a number of trash cans where you can dispose of these items. Just look for these grey trash cans, select it and move the items from your inventory to the trash.

Once you've placed items inside the trash, on map refresh [meaning if you leave the current map you're in, if 5 minutes passes after clicking Throw Away, or if you close and reopen the game] the items will disappear permanently!

Pet Storage

Since their release, one of the greatest attributes of pets is the additional storage they can offer. Players can use their pets as extra portable storage, and depending on their strength attribute, a pet may have different storage sizes.

The example below has a strength of 76/100 and offers 7 additional storage slots!

The maximum storage seen on pets is a total of 12 slots. Will you figure out the strength ratio to pet?

Also, you cannot access this storage if your pet is not happy The items will be greyed out until your pet's happiness has increased.

If you should sell your pet, and not remove your items, then those items could potentially be lost! The new owner will not receive the items, but you can only access those items again if you retrieve back the same pet on your account.

Map Storage

Lands have two potential areas for accessing their surplus - the Quonset Hut and the Silo. While many players see this as a way to store items, it is more of a land storage for items acquired from the land. Players cannot add items to these storage slots. They can only remove items from them.

Quonset Hut

Every NFT farm is equipped with a Quonset Hut, a structure designed to collect a small percentage of resources produced on the farm. As players engage with the farm, resources are gradually accumulated in the Quonset Hut. This feature encourages owners to actively attract players to their farms, as the excess resources collected in these huts provide an additional benefit.

The Quonset Hut has a maximum storage 18 slots. Once the hut reaches its maximum capacity, no further resources can be collected until the stored items are emptied.


On a select portion of NFT farms, Silos are available as an additional feature. These structures provide players with expanded map storage slots, allowing for a greater capacity to collect resources without the need for frequent emptying. Silos offer a convenient solution for players who desire an extended period of resource accumulation before attending to their storage needs.

The Silo offers an additional 18 slots, increasing the maximum map storage to 36 rather than 18.

Storage Chests on Lands

Placing storage chests on a land allows the land owner to utilize those storage chests. If you have placed a storage chest on a land that does not belong to you, the land owner can utilize the chests, but you cannot until it is removed again and returned to you.

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