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How to buy land in Game

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Understanding NFT Farms

NFT farms are special areas within our game where players can engage in farming, resource gathering, and crafting activities. These farms are represented by non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and offer unique gameplay experiences. Each NFT farm is numbered from 1 to 5000 and is located along the Rainbow Road.

Navigation on the Rainbow Road

To access the NFT farms, you need to traverse the Rainbow Road. This colorful path serves as a gateway to the farms and provides a clear distinction between odd and even numbered farms. By heading left on the road, you can reach the odd numbered farms, while heading right will lead you to the even numbered farms.

Bookmarking NFT Farms

To make your farm visits more convenient, we offer a bookmarking feature. By clicking on the front gate of any NFT farm, you can bookmark it. This action allows you to fast travel to the bookmarked farm from anywhere within the game by using the Land & Travel button in the HUD (Heads-Up Display). Please note that bookmarks are limited, but you can acquire more through specific methods. There are two ways to acquire additional bookmarks:

A. Pixels VIP Membership

By purchasing a Pixels VIP membership, you can unlock various benefits, including the ability to earn extra bookmarks for your NFT farms.

B. NFT Land Ownership

Owning NFT land within the game grants you additional bookmarks, providing you with greater flexibility to explore and manage your farms efficiently.

Purchasing NFT Farms

To acquire your very own NFT farm and embark on your farming adventures, you can visit our official marketplace at []. This marketplace serves as a hub for trading and selling NFT farms within our game. Explore the collection of available NFT farms and find the one that suits your preferences. Each farm on the marketplace has unique characteristics, resources, and potential for growth, so be sure to check the details and select the one that resonates with your gameplay goals. Acquiring an NFT farm not only grants you ownership and control over a specific location but also provides additional benefits such as earning extra bookmarks for convenient travel.

Claiming and Taking Possession of Your New Land

Once you have purchased an NFT farm, your journey as a landowner begins. However, it's important to note that you need to visit your newly purchased land and click on the gate to officially claim and take possession of your property. This step ensures that you establish ownership and gain full control over the farm. Many players have been confused by this process, so it's crucial to remember to visit your farm, interact with the gate, and follow the instructions to claim your land successfully. Once you have completed this step, you can start utilizing and customizing your NFT farm to your heart's content.


Remember to explore and experiment with the diverse features and possibilities that NFT farms offer. Engage in farming, resource gathering, crafting, and more as you build your virtual empire. Should you encounter any difficulties or have further questions, our support team is ready to assist you on your farming journey. Enjoy the world of NFT farms and create a thriving agricultural paradise in Pixels!

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