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How do I increase my Reputation Score?
How do I increase my Reputation Score?

My Reputation score is low, how do I improve it?

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To learn more about Pixels Reputation, read this article. If you have a low Reputation Score, there are several things you can do to improve it.

How is my score calculated?

Each user's Reputation Score is calculated using various data points. There are several types of data points, such as:

  • One-time actions

  • Status checks

  • Account age

  • Quest & gameplay completion

  • Trading history

  • & more

As of Friday, November 17th, 2023, you can find the data points and their weights here.

Pixels reserves the right to adjust these values on an ad-hoc basis, as deemed appropriate.

At Pixels, we prioritize rapid experimentation and iteration. We acknowledge that the adjustment of these data points may be necessary over time, and will make such adjustments as needed.

How can I increase my score?

Start by going through each data point on the sheet linked above. Here's a breakdown of steps you can take to increase your score:

  1. Do the one-time actions. Most of these can be done via the Dashboard. Examples of these actions include:

    1. Connecting your Twitter Account

    2. Connecting your Discord Account

    3. Connecting your email or phone number

  2. Complete in-game quests. For example:

    1. Complete Flour Powder

    2. Complete Wine Not (Popberry)

    3. Complete Fuy Gieri Barbequest

  3. Keep playing Pixels

    1. The longer your account has been active within Pixels the better

  4. Avoid doing actions that may decrease your score:

    1. Trading with users that have a low Reputation Score

    2. Trading too often (an amount that a regular player wouldn't do)

    3. Having very little value in your wallet

  5. Other actions you can take:

    1. Purchase VIP via the Dashboard

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