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What is Pixels Reputation?
What is Pixels Reputation?

What is my Reputation Score? What does it mean?

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What is Pixels Reputation?

Pixels Reputation is a system to give our best and most loyal users benefits and recognition. This system plays a crucial role in safeguarding and distinguishing genuine, good players from those who may be inclined to violate guidelines.

This system also enables Pixels' support to distinguish between good users and bad actors in an objective format. This allows for quicker support times and established processes.

How does it work?

A Reputation Score is given to each user account based on various data points, with each data point assigned a specific weight corresponding to the significance of the associated action.

You can see your reputation score officially on the dashboard.

Pixels reserves the right to adjust these values on an ad-hoc basis, as deemed appropriate.

At Pixels, we prioritize rapid experimentation and iteration. We acknowledge that the adjustment of these data points may be necessary over time, and will make such adjustments as needed.

What are the benefits of having a high score?

Users with a higher score benefit from:

  • higher trade limit

  • higher withdrawal limit

  • use of the in-game marketplace

  • & possible future rewards

What happens if I have a low score?

Users with a low score will experience the opposite:

  • low or zero trade limit

  • low or zero withdrawal limit

  • no access to the in-game marketplace

How can I increase my score?

To learn how to increase your Reputation Score, read through this article.

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