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Guild Verified Checkmark
Guild Verified Checkmark
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What does the Verified Checkmark mean?

The Verified Checkmark on a guild means that it has been verified by Pixels, and confirmed to be the Official Guild for that community.

However, ALWAYS do your own research before purchasing a shard. Pixels provides best effort to verify that the guild is official and is led by a verifiable individual, but does not hold responsibility over the actions of the guild or the guild leaders.

Pixels is not to be held responsible if the guild's socials or guild leader has been compromised, or if the guild is partaking in any unwanted activities. If you see any shady behavior, it is best to report the guild for the Pixels team to look into.

How to get the Verified Checkmark?

Open a ticket in the Help Center [either via the Help Icon in game or via the Dashboard]. Follow the flow to Gameplay Queries -> Guilds -> I want the verified Checkmark and provide the relevant details listed in the ticket.


The Pixels Support team will process the request and send it to be reviewed and completed. Things that the Pixels Team will lookout for before adding a verified checkmark are:

  • The Guild Leader must be the one to make the request

  • The Guild Leader must have over 2,500 Reputation

  • The attached socials are appropriately matched to the requested guild

  • The Guild must have over 30 members

If the Pixels Team finds any evidence to suggest that the guild is a suspicious guild, or should not be verified, then the request will be declined.

Note: If the Pixels team sees a guild that is posing as a community that they are not, or using someone else's identity, the guild may be marked as suspicious, or at worst, disbanded and there will be no refund.

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