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Creating and Managing a Guild
Creating and Managing a Guild
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This article will explain all the intricacies of creating, editing & managing your Guild.
Note: Only one guild can be created per account.

Creating a Guild


Before you can create a guild you will need at least 1950 reputation/trust score and 15 $Pixel in your WALLET.

To learn more about reputation and how it is calculated, please click here.

Creating Your Guild

To create a guild, follow these steps:

Guild Handle: Your guild tag
This cannot be changed in the future
This can only be numbers, letters and all lowercase

Twitter Handle: Add your guild's Twitter/X [not mandatory]
This can be changed if your guild's Twitter/X changes

Name: The full name of your guild

Use Whitelist: If you do not want your guild to be public, please turn this on.
This will lock up your guild so only white-listers can purchase Shards.

Last but not least, add a guild image. The guild image must be of type .png, cannot be larger than 256kbs and the image width cannot be larger than 512px.

Once you have completed these steps, pay your 15 $PIXEL and your guild will be created.

Guild Activation

After you've created your Guild, you will be taken to a page where you can activate your Guild. Until your Guild is activated, others cannot join your Guild.

Select the Activate Guild button and a new modal will pop up that displays the amount of Guild Shards you will receive, and which Ronin Address you would like proceeds to go to for any future shard purchases. This address can be changed in the future if needed.

After filling out the information, you'll sign the transaction in your wallet [this transaction is to transfer the shards to your wallet] and then you'll have your very own activated guild. From this point, you can purchase more shards, send the link to other players so they can purchase shards, whitelist your guild, etc.

Earning Rewards

When you create a guild, it will also require you to paste a Treasury wallet address.
As a guild owner, you will receive 5% of the fees when users buy your shard.

This will be where any earned $PIXEL will go. (This can be edited)

If you have multiple owners for your guild, you can also use a Multisig wallet. If you are having trouble creating a Multisig wallet, please read this article for assistance.

Note: You can see history of your sent fees in your

Editing a Guild

Some aspects of a guild can be edited. To do so, visit your Guild Page and select the Edit button.

From here, you should see all the items you entered upon creation.

You can edit everything except for your Guild Handle as previously mentioned. Once done, hit save and all your changes will take effect!

Guild Management

Approving Request List

If you have set your Guild to Request Whitelist to Purchase, this means that players can only purchase your Guild Shards after you've accepted their request to join your Guild.

To accept the request, go to your Guild page and scroll to the section that says "Request List".

Select the checkbox next to every player that you want to accept and then click Save Whitelist.

You should see a Success! message near the bottom of your screen! This means everything has saved successfully and the selected players can now purchase Shards for your Guild:

Locating your Token on the Blockchain

Every Guild has its own token within the Pixels Guilds Contract. You can view all the transactions for that specific token on the Ronin Blockchain.

First, locate your token ID. You can find this near the top of your Guild page.

Copy the link below, and where it says {YourTokenIDHere}, paste your Token ID (without the curly braces). This should take you to the Guild Memberships page for your specific token. From here, you can access full history of all the shards purchased or sold within your Guild!{YourTokenIDHere}

Here is an example page from the practice Guild we have used in this article:

The Pixel Guild Memberships contract can be located here.

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