Guild Shards
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What Are Guild Shards?

Guild Shards are the asset owned in a guild. It is your way to support a guild, but does not necessarily mean you are a member. Guilds will have the right to decide whether you are a member or only a supporter in their guild

Purchasing a guild shard does not guarantee that you are a member of the guild. To become a member, you will need to discuss with the guild leaders specifically to decide if it's within their consideration.

How to Purchase a Guild Shard?

To purchase a Guild Shard, join the Guild's Request List. Think of the Request List like the old Watchlist. It states your intention in owning a part of the guild. Guild leaders will see your request, and approve or deny.

What is the Cost of Purchasing a Guild Shard?

The price of a Guild Shard changes based on a bonding curve and how many shards have been purchased. If you are the very first purchase, the Shard will cost 1 $PIXEL. For every Shard after, the price will increase by 1 $PIXEL. If you are the 100th member, you will need pay 100 $PIXEL.

Initial Guild Shards

When a guild is activated, guild leaders will receive a certain number of pre-minted Guild Shards to distribute at their discretion.

Selling Guild Shards

Guild Shards can be sold from the members of the guild. The shard is also sold based on the bonding curve. If you bought the Shard in the early stage at 30 $PIXEL, and sold when the guild had 120 Members, you will sell the Shard for the current price on the curve [less a small fee].

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