Known Issues
Updated today

(Updated: 2/23/2024)

These are the common issues that the team is currently looking into:

  • Staked Ronin Users didn't get their reward

    • If you staked more than 1 $RON and had it staked on Feb 8th 2024 then please wait until March 1st for an update - if you haven't received after this date, please open a ticket

    • If you didn't have anything staked at this date, or only 1 $RON, you are not eligible.

  • Withdraw taking longer than usual and has a transaction hash - Devs are aware of the issue and are working on resolving it.

  • Some market items aren't tradeable

    • Review this document for item trade values. If the item has no trade value, it cannot be traded

    • You can help us to figure out appropriate trade values: Use this link.

  • Trouble connecting Ronin Wallet to account, or stuck in reauthentication (please see troubleshooting tips)

  • Error 400 when connecting socials - follow the steps below for reasons:

    • OAuth - you started the authentication in one browser, and tried to complete somewhere else or your discord account is connected to a different account

    • Too Many Unverified Factors - This means you tried too many authentications without completing any and it has locked the account. Please proceed to make a ticket so team can look into it

    • Duplicate_Email: It means you are trying to connect a discord or email that is already being used in another account (OR doesn't match the email you've already connected).

  • If you're getting any of the below:

    • The game says you don't have an account, and you're positive you do

    • The game isn't allowing you to exit farms, houses, or any map

    • You cannot get to Terravilla

      Then you may be using NordVPN. Please disable NordVPN, or turn off the Web Threat Protection. If it still doesn't work, restart your device after disabling. NordVPN clashes with Pixels.

Troubleshooting Tips

If you are struggling to connect your Ronin Wallet (or sometimes there are other issues where you get stuck), please try the following before creating a ticket:

  • Enable Hardware Acceleration

  • Sync Time - in Windows Settings Sync your time

  • Install MetaMask wallet extension even if you don't have metamask

  • Clear Cache/Data for the troublesome page, refresh, then try again

  • Try a private/incognito browser or a different browser with only relevant extensions enabled

  • Disable adblockers/popup blockers or any other blockers installed in your browser

  • Enable/Disable VPN (Try a different location or a different VPN)

  • Use a different device and/or internet connection

  • Update your browser

  • Restart your device

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