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How to log in using the Ronin Wallet (browser extension)
How to log in using the Ronin Wallet (browser extension)
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There are 2 ways to log into Pixels using your Ronin Wallet:

  1. Using the Ronin Wallet extension on your desktop web browser

  2. Using the Ronin Wallet App on your mobile device

Step 1: Download the Ronin Wallet Extension

Make sure you've created a Ronin Wallet and logged into the browser extension. Find more information on how to do so here.

Step 2: Log into Pixels

Navigate to the Pixels login page:

Here, you'll be able to choose how you'd like to log into the game. Select Ronin Wallet, then Ronin Wallet Extension.

Make sure you've logged into the Ronin Wallet extension or you will get an error message.

Navigate through the steps within the Ronin Wallet extension: Click Next, then Connect

Step 3: Create a new account or attach it to an old one

If you're creating a new Pixels account, simply click on the "Create New Account" button and navigate through the steps.

If you already have a Pixels account and would like to attach your Ronin Wallet to it, navigate to the Pixels Dashboard and update your account.

For more information on how to do so, read this article.

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