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Guilds in Pixels (V1)
Guilds in Pixels (V1)
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Pixels has released its first iteration of Guilds within the Pixels Realms. Below is information that should help guide you on your information-seeking journey.

What Are Guilds?

Guilds are a collective group of players that come together towards one common goal. In Chapter 2 of Pixels, Guilds will become an integral part of Pixels, especially within gameplay. Players must work together to maximize production and achieve goals in the Pixels Universe.

In Chapter 2, there will be new resources and resource tiering. Resource generation will be limited by land and not by player. There will also be a new skill built around exploration, and guilds will search and compete for the best resources in-game.

Do I need to join a Guild?

No you do not need to join a Guild. There will still be opportunities for a single-player experience.

How to Form a Guild?

Go to the dashboard, and then to the Guilds section. Click Create Guild. You will need a Handle, a Name, a Description and an Emblem to create your guild. Additionally, you will need 400 $PIXEL and 2,000 Trust Score.

The handle will be the name used in the URL of your guild.

The Name is the name of the guild

Description will be a short sentence or paragraph that explains your guild and invites players to your guild.

The emblem is the logo for your guild.

When you've filled all of this out, you can click Create Guild. Congratulations!

How do I join a guild?

At the moment, there is no official way to join a guild. You can join the Watchlist, and work with the guilds off-chain to group and create your community. You can already start planning off-chain!

In the future, players may purchase memberships to join a guild. The price will be determined by a bonding curve. Users can choose to sell their memberships back at a later date. 5% tax on the purchase of these memberships will be split between the Guild & Pixels.
Guilds can only start accepting memberships once they have a Guild Charter. Guild charters will be sold in $PIXEL when the token is out.

What is a Guild Watchlist?

A guild Watchlist is a group of players who are interested in joining that guild.

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