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What is Moca ID & what are Realm Points?
What is Moca ID & what are Realm Points?
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Moca ID & Realm Points:

Moca ID and Realm Points come from our partner, Mocaverse.

Moca ID is an on-chain DID (decentralized identity) that gives you the identity to travel among Animoca’s network of and beyond 450+ portfolio companies.

Realm Points are the loyalty points of Moca ID holders. With a Moca ID, holders can:

  1. Teleport through Mocana Odyssey: participate in partner activations to get Realm Points. If you win or place on the leaderboard, you might get more!

  2. Level Up: stack your Realm Points, upgrade your Moca Tier, and get access to exclusive experiences

  3. Get IRL and Digital Benefits: Redeem benefits using Realm Points, such as digital assets, tokens, digital and physical goods, and more

  4. Play with Us: Heard of Cosmic Hunt? Look out for more fun and rewarding Mocana Social Hub experiences and use your Realm points to engage in our Social Hub & more…

Refer to more details in the Medium article below:

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