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Ban or Mute Appeal
Ban or Mute Appeal
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If your account has been restricted/muted/banned, you can appeal here. Please note that this is for in-game only, and does not apply to Discord, Twitter, Telegram, or any other platform.

For bans:

Please fill out the form and provide us with as much information as possible. The team will review your case, and act accordingly. If it is decided that you may re-enter the game, you will be able to log in again shortly. Please be patient.

For mutes:

If you have been muted, you cannot talk, trade, or display a username in-game. You can still play and use the rest of the game's features.

You may appeal the mute using the same form.

What to do Next:

To receive a status update on your appeal, open a chat in the dashboard (make sure you're logged into the same account as the one you're appealing) and request information for your appeal.

Note that these appeals take time to review depending on various circumstances.

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