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  • To withdraw or deposit, you need to have a Ronin Wallet Connected.

  • If you recently added a wallet, you cannot withdraw to it for 7 days, but you can deposit

  • If you deposited and it didn't show in your Completed Tab, follow these steps

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  1. Go to https://dashboard.pixels.xyz/exchange and log in if you haven't already.

  2. Select the Asset that you want to deposit into the game:

  3. Select Deposit to Game, and it will ask you to Select a Wallet to reauthenticate with. The Deposit to Game will be greyed out if you do not have any $PIXEL in your account, or if the Deposit feature is temporarily disabled for maintenance.

  4. Select your connected Ronin wallet, and complete the reauthentication process by signing in with your Ronin wallet again. [If you have issues with reauthenticating, try to perform the steps located in this troubleshooting thread].

  5. Return to the exchange page, and click 'Deposit to Game' once again. Enter the amount you want to deposit or press the Max button then press the Deposit button

  6. Click the Submit button to initiate the deposit. This will trigger a wallet transaction and requires that you have some RON for gas fees [or a free transaction]

  7. Review and Confirm the transaction in your wallet

  8. Once the blockchain transaction is confirmed, go to the Pending tab and send your deposit to your in game mailbox via the Send Deposit button

  9. You will get a popup window that verifies the blockchain transaction and then get sent to the Completed tab

  10. Click the Play Now button in the Dashboard to enter the game to collect your deposit in your mailbox​

  11. Click the Collect Mail button and your in game balance will increase by the deposited amount

Deposit Isn't Showing In My Mail

If you've already deposited, and you're not getting it in your mail, then you need to complete one more step and verify the transaction.

Get the transaction hash for your deposit from either the wallet app, or from the transaction chain.

Option 1: Via Wallet - In the wallet, go to Activities, find the transaction, click it and copy the hash:

Option 2: Ronin Chain Explorer - In the Chain's transactions, go to the Ronin Block Explorer, and search for your wallet address. Find the specific transaction, and copy the transaction hash using the Copy Button:

Once you've got the transaction hash, go back to the deposits page, select the Asset/Currency, and scroll to the bottom of the page. Then paste the transaction hash into the form provided, and click Verify.

Your deposit should now show as completed, and will be sent to your mailbox.

Please note that this will not work if you've sent the currency DIRECT to contract. There is no way to recover funds sent direct to contract.


To withdraw, you must have the required Reputation Points (See Trading & Withdrawal Limits)

  1. Go to https://dashboard.pixels.xyz/exchange and log in if required

  2. Select the Asset that you want to withdraw from the game:

  3. Click Withdraw to Wallet
    Minimum Reputation to Withdraw: Over 0
    Minimum $PIXEL to Withdraw: 20

  4. Select the amount that you want to withdraw and sign any corresponding transactions that popup from your wallet. There is no fee for withdrawing $PIXEL from the game.

  5. Do Not Rejoin the game until After the submission phase is complete - the message will say the following:

  6. You will be able to continue playing while the withdraw is reviewed.

  7. Check the dashboard periodically for whether or not your withdraw has completed successfully, or failed. The Withdraw will be marked as status: waiting until it is completed.

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