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Chapter 2

C2.P1 June 18th, 2024:


  • Stoneshaping & Metalworking have been added to Skills

  • The Leveling Curve has been adjusted [EXP between levels has changed]

  • Skills have been consolidated and migrated from Chapter 1 in the following manner:

    • Farming → Farming

    • Granger → Farming

    • Woodwork → Woodwork

    • Ceramicist → Stoneshaping

    • Beekeeping → Animal Care

    • Aviculture → Animal Care

    • Slugger → Animal Care

    • Petcare → Animal Care

    • Fishing → Animal Care

    • Textiler → Business

    • Redifferentiator → Business

    • Winemaking → Business

    • Business → Business


  • Tiering System for the following industries have been added:

    • Farming [Soil & Crops]

    • Cooking Stove

    • Woodworking Bench

    • Metalworking Bench

    • Stoneshaper

    • Mines

    • Trees

  • The Machine inside MOI has been refurbished with recipes

  • Barney's BarnBQ Recipes have been updated with relevant cooking recipes

  • Tier 1 for each industry added to Terra Villa Central

  • New art & recipes added to industries with advanced tiering system

  • Growth times, and industry times have been greatly reduced

  • Otherspeck Mines have been converted to Tier 4 Mines with faster production time


  • Specks have received a complete overhaul. Each beginner speck receives the following:

    • Tier 1 House

    • 4 x Tier 1 Trees

    • 6 x Tier 1 Soils

    • 1 x Tier 1 Mine

  • Each Speck has a total of 5 possible Upgrades

  • Tier 1 Industries can be placed immediately

  • Tier 2 industries can be placed on the 4th & 5th upgrade

  • You can now place as many industries as you can fit on your speck!


  • The following Tool/Industry Tiers have been added to the game:

    • Copperite

    • Bronzenite

    • Irontite

    • Adamaxium

  • Over 100 new recipes & items added to the core loop

  • Stack Sizes have been adjusted to x99

NFT Lands

  • Industry limitations have been removed, and you can now place as many industries as you can fit on your land!

  • NFT Owners/Managers can only place industries if they are the appropriate level

    • [eg. Can only place a Tier 3 Tree if their forestry level is 40 or higher]

  • Tier 1 - 4 industries can be placed on NFT Lands

  • Lands with the Light/Dense tree traits have increased tree drop rates

  • Large NFT Lands have more square footage than Small NFT Lands


  • Speck Houses can be upgraded 2 times

  • Speck Houses are equipped with a Tier 1 Stove, their Infinifunnel, a bed where you can recharge energy, and a wardrobe to place wearables

  • Small NFT Houses come equipped with the same aspects of a Speck House, except it is fully upgraded, has a Tier 4 Stove, a cave basement & its very own pool

  • Large NFT Houses have all of the same aspects of a small NFT house, with the addition of a Solarium where decorative flowers can be planted

  • Some internal aspects of a house can now be modified! You can change wallpaper, flooring, bedding, and even add paintings to the walls!

Task Board / Infinifunnel

  • Task Board has been renamed to the Infinifunnel

  • The Infinifunnel has been upgraded to match the new tiering system

  • The Infinifunnel can be accessed via your Speck or NFT house [no longer accessible via Buck's Galore]


  • You can now remove marketplace items even if you do not have enough space for the full listing [Items will be partially removed equal to the amount of bag space available]

Shop Changes

  • Jerome's Store: New Flooring, Wallpaper, Paintings & Bedding

  • VIP Shop moved to Pixels HQ

  • Buck's Store: Tier 1 Industries, Tier 1 Tools, new tiered crops!

  • Pet Shop: Chicken, Slug and Bees have been relocated.

  • MOI: Infini-Portable Added for purchase!

  • Barney's Bazaarn: New Flower Seeds & Football Added

Energy Changes

  • Regular Energy Regen Rate has been adjusted

  • Crops are no longer edible

  • Grilled Items have had their energy adjusted to align with Chapter 2 changes

Other Changes

  • Brand New Avatar Creation System

  • Bag Space has increased by 12 slots [2 rows]

  • Moca Storage Chests have been upgraded to 6 rows

  • Terra Villa has been reorganized

  • Fountain replaced by Hot Air Balloon

  • All NPCs have received a visual update!

  • New Animation effects for collecting Coins & $PIXEL

  • Many older quests have been archived

  • Players with existing accounts had their items migrated, and some of those items have been upgraded to higher tiers.

    • Storage Chests will need to be emptied, removed and placed back down to receive the proper upgrade

June 4, 2024:

Guild Changes:

  • Guild owners can now transfer ownership of their guild

  • Guild owners can now pledge to any guild [not only their own]

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed bug where using Pet Inventory sometimes caused external areas to be un-clickable

  • Fixed bug where UI Audio wasn't playing at times


  • New Batch of Genkai Avatar Art Updated

May 28, 2024:

Guild Changes:

  • Guild Pledging is now available!

    • You can only Pledge to one guild at a time to receive the benefits

    • Guild Leaders can only pledge to the guild they own

    • Promotional Roles in Guild:

      • Admin

      • Worker

      • Member

  • Land Gate settings have been updated to match

    • Permission Settings in Land:

      • Guild Workers

      • Guild Members

      • Guild Pledgers

      • Guild Supporters

Miscellaneous Changes

  • Help Button now opens basic information instead of leading to Help Center

  • LOG OUT button now has a confirmation dialog

  • Additional pop-up dialogs can be closed with ESC

  • Hover text on objects in-game will not show when holding items

  • All future recipes show in crafting dialogs

  • COLLECT ALL from Mailbox will display a notification if nothing can be collected due to full inventory.

Bug Fixes

  • When storage container or crafting table is removed, other players open dialogs will close

  • Increased size of ORDERS tab on task board

  • Fixed the incorrect display of some items in Marketplace

  • Fixed the HAIR selection in avatar builder

  • Flashing on Task Board reduced

  • Player Movements not showing to other players fixed

May 13, 2024:

Land Settings

  • Can now remove owned items from the Gate even if Gate is Locked

Visual Adjustments:

  • Land Owner/VIP tasks are now color-coded on Task Board

  • Gate Buttons have been adjusted

  • Styling has been updated on Crafting Menus

  • Item Tooltips have visually changed

Reputation Adjustments

  • Discord and YGG Quest Reputation reduced

Other small miscellaneous backend changes.

April 11, 2024:

Marketplace [MP] Adjustments [Subject to Change]:

  • 3 second cooldown for buying

  • Accounts are limited to 5 listings at a time

    • +5 if VIP

    • +5 if Land Owner

  • 0.5 energy to purchase items from the MP

  • 10% price buffer on listings

    • For example: if the cheapest Popberry costs 10 coins, any listed for 11 coins will also be available to purchase

Task Board Adjustments:

  • Task board algorithm adjustments

QoL Adjustments:

  • HUD highlighting for new items in backpack

  • Crafting Recipes now listed by Tiers

  • Mailbox Improvements

    • Claim All of a similar type

Page 27: (12/08/2023):

Holiday Update:

  • New items available in the Decor Store:

    • Christmas Tree

    • $PIXEL ornament

    • Regular & shifting Maize

  • Secret ornament placed around town (& more coming soon!)

Page 26: (11/29/2023):

Mocaverse Phase 1 Release:

  • Get a MocaID or connect existing via the Pixels Dashboard > Social page

  • New Moca Clubhouse in Terra Villa!

    • Connect your MocaID to your Pixels account to access the top-floor

  • Connected MocaID gives access to 5 Mocaverse avatars

  • Mocaverse NFTs are usable in-game as avatars

  • Complete 3 quests to earn rewards

Page 25: (10/30/2023):

Pixels is now live on Ronin!

  • Players can log in using their Ronin Wallet

  • To add a Ronin Wallet to your existing account, read more here

$BERRY is live on Ronin

  • Pixels in-game token is now live on the Ronin chain

  • Available to trade on Katana (coming soon)

Pixels Genesis Pets Play-to-Mint at the Carnival!

  • Play Pixels Carnival games to earn tickets

  • Redeem tickets at a Prize Trailer for a chance to win: Pets, Industries, Decorations, and more

    • Top prizes include 200 Pixels Genesis Pets coupons

  • Mint your pet at a Pet vending machine

    • Insert Pet Coupon to mint NFT

    • Once finished processing, NFT will be available in your Ronin Wallet

  • Hatch Pet Capsule in-game

    • Place a growth lab on your land, and insert potions

    • Choose capsule & hatch Pet!

Carnival Games:

  • Bump-A-Grump:

    • Click the “Start” button to begin the game

    • Orange Grumpkins will randomly pop out of the holes.

    • You have 60 seconds to hit as many Grumps as possible

    • You’ll be rewarded with tickets based on the number of successful hits you had in the round

    • You can play the game once every 8 hours

  • Corn Maze:

    • Explore a maze where cornstalks constantly shift, altering your path

    • Your objective is to reach the three back exits to collect ticket prizes

    • The maze is always in motion, so adapt to the ever-changing landscape

    • Collect your tickets at the exits once every 22 hours to complete the challenge and exit the maze

  • Left-Right:

    • The game environment consists of a room with two circles, one on the left side and one on the right side

    • During the countdown, players can move freely between the two sides as they wish

    • The goal is to be on the side with the lesser amount of players when the countdown clock reaches zero

    • When the countdown timer reaches zero, the side with the fewer number of players wins.

  • Beat The Crowd

    • Attract more players to the crowd than in the previous round

    • If there are more players when the clock runs out, everyone wins a prize

    • If there are fewer players, nobody wins and the streak count restarts

    • The longer the streak, the better the prizes

    • You have 5 minutes from the end of the round to collect your prize

Carnival Crops:

  • Orange Grumpkin Seeds

    • These remarkable seeds offer the opportunity to cultivate vibrant Orange Grumpkins, the primary ingredient for crafting Grumpkin Spiced Lattes.

  • Cotton Candy Seeds

    • These enchanted seeds introduce an element of surprise to gardening, offering the potential for Sweet Bluzberry, Sour Razzleberry, or the perfectly blended flavor of Swirled Bluzzleberry Cotton Candy crops, with the added chance of game ticket drops.

Rescue the Seasonal Sip Quest:

  • Contribute to resolving the town’s shortage of Orange Grumpkins, essential for the renowned Grumpkin Spiced Lattes

Pet Food Crafting through In-Game BBQs

  • Galactic Grill: crafts 15 packs of pet food

  • Submarine Sizzler: crafts 10 packs of pet treats

  • Basic BBQ: crafts 1 pet treat at a time

Page 24: (10/10/2023):

  • OtherSpeck Trailer & Prizes

    • Your $OTHER tokens have been moved to the Pixel Realm!

    • OtherSpeck Trailer is now in Terra Villa next to Pixels HQ

    • Purchase Mystery Boxes in the Trailer with your $OTHER token

    • Mystery Boxes can be opened at the counter inside the trailer

  • Terravilla has shrunk!!

    • Everything you need is now conveniently in Terra Villa Central!

      • Buildings that have moved to center: Sauna, Theatre, Bazaarn, Bored & Hungry, Karen & Dale House

      • Industries that have moved to center: Kiln, Slug, Apiary, Mine, Coop, Woodworking, Winery, Textile Mill

  • City Hall becomes Pixels HQ

    • City Hall has been renamed to Pixels HQ!

    • There is now a second floor with desks linking key information

  • New Pool & Sauna

    • A new indicator has been added to let you know how much energy you have left to gain before Luke tells you to get out! Hover over the water to see it.

    • The top floor is for Pixels VIP members only. Click on the rocks every 8 hours to receive 150 energy points!

  • Daily rewards are back!

    • We're testing a new form of daily rewards! Head to the Post Office every 8 hours to pick up your daily mystery package.

  • The bank has a new look!

    • The bank has tons of helpful information linked:

      • $BERRY & $PIXEL booths that link to explaining pages

      • $BERRY Millionaire leaderboard that ranks richest players above 1 million $BERRY on hand

      • Counters that link to the Pixels Dashboard: wallet page, withdraw & deposit

  • Push Notifications

    • We're experimenting with push notifications on select entities in-game. Make sure your browser notifications are enabled!

  • New Road

    • All 5000 NFT farms now orbit around TV like the Earth around the Sun! This allows players to travel together

Page 23: (09/06/2023):

  • OtherSpeck Release! Head to & get going!

  • Crops no longer live forever!

    • Harvest or water your crops regularly to avoid losing them!

    • Don't worry, 4-leaf clovers won't ever die - they're too lucky

  • Event Calendar and Submissions

    • Stay in the know with our official event calendar and easily submit your own events

  • Enhanced Land & Travel UI

    • Navigate effortlessly with distinct graphics for Land, Water, and Space.

  • PLOT & MOI Transformations

    • Explore the changes in the Upstairs PLOT, including a lounge closure and a surprising acquisition.

  • Marketplace moved to Upstairs Bucks

    • The Marketplace finds a new home upstairs in Bucks Galore, featuring the Buck Galore himself!

  • Decor Store Opens in TV

    • Enjoy a shopping spree with Honor, Jerome, and Pixelia.

Page 22: (07/31/2023):

  • New authentication system

    • email & phone number login now available

Page 21: (07/26/2023):

  • Shorelime Beach Party Map + assets

Page 20: (06/27/2023):

  • New Mayor in Office

  • HUD Improvements

    • Bigger energy numbers

    • New DENIM style

  • New Maps around Terra Villa

    • Helping new players with easier navigation

  • Dashboard Redesign

  • Rewards

    • Daily login for $BERRY

  • Skills Tab Improvements

  • Terra Villa is now a permanent Bookmark

    • A step towards a bigger onboarding improvement

  • Farm Share Link

    • Copy farm share links from the gate

  • New Outfits

    • Rainbow Pride Tux

    • Elephant Head

Page 19: (06/13/2023):

  • UGC Tool

    • Accessible via the Seller's Marketplace in Terra Villa Central

  • Leaderboards

    • Found on user Dashboard via button in HUD

    • Leaderboards available now:

      • most popberries farmed

      • most popberries farmed last 7 days

      • most farm charms used

      • most farm charms used last 7 days

  • New HUD!

Page 18: (05/23/2023):

  • Tastemakerz Rewards

    • Top 10: $BONDLY rewards!

    • Top 100: Galactic Grill Kit

      • Limited quantity of 100, not craftable

      • Placeable on any land, usable by visitors

      • Allows you to craft Starry BBQ items

        • Using Starry BBQ Items will be the most powerful ingredient when crafting pet food

    • Top 1000: Submarine Sizzler Kit

      • Limited quantity of 1000, not craftable

      • Placeable on any land, usable by visitors

      • The second best way to craft pet food

      • Allows you to craft Moist BBQ items

        • Using Moist BBQ Items will be the second most powerful ingredient when crafting pet food

    • Top 1000: Tastemakerz Burger Statue

  • Barney’s BarnBQ

    • Craftable grill, find blueprint in MOI

    • Available to everyone

    • Placeable on any land, usable by visitors

    • Allows you to craft Dry BBQ items

      • Using Dry BBQ Items will be the third most powerful ingredient when crafting pet food

  • Fuy Gieri Quest

    • Find him next to the Pet Shop

  • Marketplace Improvements

    • Price per item

    • Transaction fee

  • PLOT UI Update

Page 17: (05/16/2023)

  • Pixels Trivia

    • New Questions & big rewards for 28 days. Pay attention to Discord announcements for more info!

  • Quantum Recombinator in Landowner Basement

    • Craft Hotato seeds

  • Muckchuck in Hazel's shop

  • New buildings in Terra Villa North

    • Barneys Bazaarn

      • Buy new items: hay, running shoes, vinegar, syrup, hot sauce

    • Theatre

      • Come watch our weekly live sessions!

    • Updated Karen's yard

  • New Mayor: Chicken Pet

    • 2 energy parties

    • Chicken Head for Pixels avatars

    • Lowered crop sell prices (roughly -20%)

Page 16: (05/11/2023)

  • OKX wallet login integration

  • The Outhouse Store

  • $PEPE integration

    • Deposit on dashboard

    • Purchase $PEPE Fertilizer

  • New NFT land gates

Page 15: (04/18/2023)

  • Tastemakerz game!

    • Full release coming tomorrow: Wednesday, April 19th (North America timezones)

    • Head over to Bored Burgers to find a new game & quest!

  • Marketplace release

    • Find the buyer and seller booths in Terra Villa to buy & sell items in-game!

    • Adding items to the marketplace is restricted to VIP and Landowners

  • $BERRY withdraw & deposit officially open

    • Find the Pixels Dashboard via the HUD (upper right corner button) to open the withdraw/deposit page

  • Notification on the mailbox in HUD (upper right corner)

  • Secret staircase now open to landowners

Page 14: (04/11/2023)

  • New infrastructure (servers)

  • Universe-specific backpacks

    • For example, Nucyber items stay in Nucyber, and Pixels items in Pixels!

  • Universe-specific bookmarks

  • Mailbox (for items, not messages)

    • Collect items previously stored in the incorrect game

    • Future marketplace support

Page 13: (04/04/2023)

  • Limited-time Easter quest and avatar art!

  • New Rainbow Road art

  • New VIP hotel pool!

  • Initial support for

  • Mayor voting now open

    • Head to City Hall to vote!

  • User profile updates

    • Click on another user to see their profile & skill levels

  • New trash bin art

  • Sound updates

  • Users can now toggle music & in-game sounds on and off

  • Trade value now displayed on trading board

  • In-game link to community-run wiki

  • Secret staircase (coming soon to a landowner near you)

Page 12: (03/21/2023)

  • VIP release! 🎉

    • Benefits include:

      • High monthly trade limit

      • Access to energy-rejuvenating VIP lounge (decor tbd)

      • Gold in-game username

      • VIP status on profile

      • 1 extra line of storage in backpack

    • Users captured in the Feb 17th snapshot can claim 3 months of VIP free!

  • Dashboard release

    • Button in HUD (top right corner)

  • Withdraw & Deposit $BERRY (not enabled until audit passes)

  • Mayor nomination is open!

    • Nominate someone for Mayor in City Hall

  • Pets table - go add some ingredients!

Page 11: (03/14/2023)

  • NuCyber World Release!

    • World accessible via arcade machine in Drunken Goose

    • Intro to NuCyber quest

    • Access your NFT apartments (

    • Manufacturing & Packaging game loop

    • Earn $CYBER

    • Purchase and decorate your apartment

    • Cross-tenant inventory system

  • Click & release items to more storage (no longer drag & drop)

  • Bug Fixes

Page 10: (03/07/2023)

  • New limited-time quest: Luck of the 4 Leaf Clover

    • Go find Margaret!

    • Quest will close with the next update on March 21st

  • New clover crop!

    • Crop will stay available after quest closes

  • New OG item

    • Only applicable for accounts that have the OG role on our Discord server

    • Chat with Tanya in City Hall to receive item

  • New Top 200 item

    • Only applicable for accounts that were in the top 200 on our play-to-airdrop leaderboard

    • Chat with Tanya in City Hall to receive item

  • Bug fixes

Page 9: (02/21/2023)

  • New Crops!

    • Astracactus: can only be planted on space lands

    • Watermint: can only be planted on water lands

  • Winery Industry: New Bottle Types!

    • Each comes with a batch crafting version that is achievable at a higher level

      • Popberry Wine

      • Grumpkin Wine

      • Scarrot Wine

      • Butterbrew

      • Grainshine

      • Astracactus Tequila

      • Watermint Whiskey

    • Sellable to Goose at Drunken Goose

  • New Quests!

    • The next quest becomes available 1 day after completing the previous quest

  • Terms of Service

    • All players must accept and agree to the Terms of Service before playing the game

  • Users will now have to pay 1000 $BERRY to change their username

  • Map skills are now on the land's gate

  • Avatar & VIP Kiosks in TV

Page 8: (02/07/2023)

  • The Road update: Land Neighbors!

    • Odd numbers grouped to the left of Terra Villa

    • Even numbers to the right of Terra Villa

  • Industry degradation: chickens, slugs and queen bees die over time

    • Energy requirements adjusted to account for replacement costs

    • Queen bee drop rate reduced

  • New Heartbeets crop and Valentines Day quest

  • New industry: Winery!

    • Available in Terravilla, cannot be acquired by players

  • Pixels VIP Testing

    • No memberships are available to purchase yet, but users may find themselves on VIP page as there are links in the game

  • Users can now walk away from warp

    • If you walk away from a building or exit fast enough, you can cancel a warp to another map. This should work everywhere except The Road on lands (where once you hit it, you are flying away and cannot move)

  • New Limited Quantity Decoration (only 10 available)

  • More inventory space for Land Owners

    • Drag item in backpack to find new row

  • 1 more bookmark spot for Land Owners

Page 7: (01/24/2023)

  • Major infiniportal update

  • New small craftable storage entity

  • Timestamps next to chat messages

  • Pet store in TV

  • Some new signs in TV

  • Crafting in bulk available for more resources now

  • Can now load more than 200 integrated NFTs

  • Bug fixes

Page 6: (01/11/2023)

  • Trading has a new field for entering # of items to trade

  • Crafting Updated: dialogue will stay open unless it should close because it requires resources (kiln and wood stove)

  • Mine Updated: player will receive different bonus items depending on the environment type:

  • New Industry blueprints are available through Bitsi's store at the Ministry of Innovation

  • New Industry: Textile Mill launches! A new crafting table type. The associated skill is Textiler

  • New Industry: Apiary launches! Buy Queen Bee in-store to add to apiary and activate it. The associated skill is Beekeeping.

  • New Industry: Slug Hutch launches! Requires a slug from store. The associated skill is Slugger.

  • Trash cans can be crafted for farms

  • Various changes to crafting recipes, buy & sell prices, xp

  • Other bug fixes & improvements

Page 5: (12/19/2022)

  • Coinbase Gaming Day quest

Page 4: (12/15/2022)

  • New Holiday quest!

  • New decorations and time-limited decoration store

  • Some bug fixes with existing decorations

  • Minor in-game art touch-ups

Page 3: (12/9/2022)

  • Crafting Bug Fixes

  • New Holiday Maps!

  • Mute & Trading Restriction Features for Moderators

Page 2: (12/1/2022)

  • Bug fixes

  • Thanksgiving quest turned off

  • 2 new industries! Mine & Kiln

  • 2 new skills: Mining & Ceramicist

  • There is both a Mine and Kiln in the outskirts of Terra Villa

  • New forestry resources

  • A new coop resource

  • Mining resources

  • New kiln recipes

  • Several balance tweaks to existing resources

  • Crops now show as “ripe” instead of “dead” if the crop turns ripe before the soil dries out

  • Bug fix for purchasing mini plot lands

  • ESC to close player profile window

  • SPACE to goes to the next dialogue

  • Build area fixes

  • Notification when you've unlocked achievements

  • Eating an egg will now give you energy

  • New tree explosion animation

  • Farm Charm Crystals are now 100x the points that it was before

  • All data deleted from the KYC

  • Player-to-player trading is now live

Page 1: (11/23/2022)

  • The energy bar is now shown as total energy points instead of percentages

  • Energy regeneration has been increased from 12 energy/hr to 20 energy/hr

  • A new crop is available!!! Go buy some butterberry seeds (must be level 2!)

  • Trees will now take a bit longer to grow back

  • Floating chat bubbles to talk are back!! & a new look for NPC names

  • There’s now a search bar in the store

  • A world map located in Terra Villa is now available

  • There’s a new graphic for Seltsam Eggs

  • The Discoverability Crystal is now called the Farm Charm Crystal

Chapter 1 (11/16/2022)

  • NFT Lands

  • Coop

  • Windmill

  • Houses

  • Forestry

  • Woodburning Stove

  • Woodworking Bench

  • Skills & Levelling System

  • Trash Can

  • Build from Inventory

  • Mover & Remover Tools

  • In-Game Purchasable Land

  • Improved Store UI

  • Old Farm Painting & Access

  • Discoverability Crystals & Road Rank

  • User Permission System

  • Map Storage

  • Gate & Bookmarking System

  • New In-Game Locations

  • Quick Travel Infiniportal

  • Innovation Blueprints & Kits

  • New Characters

  • New Quests

  • Click to Walk

  • Level Progression Achievements

  • Help Center

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