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What is the Task Board?
What is the Task Board?
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This article outlines information regarding the Task Board, including refresh timers, expected earnings, and other various Q & As.


About the Task Board

The Task Board is the primary method used to earn $PIXEL and Coins within the game. Hazel provides regular tasks that the player can complete to earn $PIXEL, Coins and EXP within the game.

There's a wide range of tasks available that the players can complete. Some will include very exclusive limited items, and some will include regular items that you can earn from performing very simple tasks such as farming, mining or using the windmill.

You can see more about Skills here.

Task Board Breakdown

Each Task on the Task Board displays the item you need to give to Hazel, the amount, how much you'll be paid and how much EXP you will gain from completing the task.

If the Deliver Button is greyed out, then it means you are missing the items required. If it turns Orange, you can choose to deliver the items to Hazel, or hold them!

Task Board Refresh Time

After completing a task, it will take 5 minutes for a new task to appear. If you cannot complete any of the tasks for the day, you can wait for a new day and new task board.

The entire task board refreshes every 24 hours at 00:00 UTC. This will clear the entire task board and provide brand new tasks. Any tasks not completed for the day will be cleared and new tasks will replace them.


The Task Board is the only way to earn $PIXEL within the game. Every day there is a chance to have $PIXEL tasks on the task board, either immediately upon refresh, or after completing some Coins Tasks. Getting $PIXEL tasks is not guaranteed for the day.

Things that can increase your chance of getting $PIXEL tasks:

  • VIP

  • Land Ownership

In the future, there may be additional pools of rewards for $PIXEL such as:

  • High Reputation

  • High Skill Levels

  • More Spend within the game

Task Board UI:

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