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Report an Account/User
Report an Account/User
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This Article Outlines the various ways that a user, account or player can be reported. This is either in-game, or one of the social platforms.


Step 1:

Select the player from within the game and click the Report Button

Step 2:

Type a message that is related to the reason you're reporting and click Send Report.

Each Report is submitted directly to the team and taken into consideration when making final decisions against the account


Please fill out this form to the best of your ability. We will be in touch only if we require more information.

Please note that this form is only for in-game bot/player reporting. It is not for Discord, Twitter, Telegram, or any other platform. If you would like to report bots on another platform, please do so in the chat box.

Social Platforms [ Discord, Facebook, Twitter/X ]

If you are having regular issues with someone in one of our social platforms, please provide the names and relevant information [what they have done, the platform, and screenshots would be helpful] to either a Farm Hand or a Community Team within the Discord. Someone who manages the platform can be informed and it can be taken care of.

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