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Ownership of Items Placed on Lands
Ownership of Items Placed on Lands
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  • This article explains Item Ownership when items are placed on a land.

  • This ownership update occurred as of November 13th, 2023.

  • Please review this guide if your account has been compromised, or if you are unsure about the owner of an item placed on a land.

TL;DR: If an item is on the gate's list, and the item is removed, it will return to the mailbox of the person who is the Object Owner. If the item is not on the gate's list, it will return to the mailbox of the person who used the Remover Tool.

Object Ownership

Each gate of every land within the Pixels Farm Land Universe provides ownership details of objects placed on the land, similar to below:

Every player that has placed an item will have their username displayed as well as the items they have placed & quantity that has been placed per item.

Upon land transfer, the objects of the land do NOT transfer with the land. The object owners can return and remove those items, or if a new owner/manager uses the Remover on the item, it will return to the mailbox of the person who originally placed that item.

EXCEPTIONS: The Christmas Tree and the Pixel Puzzle Board are unique and do not respect the item ownership rules. When the new land owner tries to remove it, it will be given to the new land owner.

Example Cases:

I. You place a Slug Hutch on a land that you own. You sell the land to a new owner. The new owner does not own the Slug Hutch. In fact, you can go back to the land and remove the Slug Hutch as it still belongs to you.

II. You have a land manager who buys soil and places it on your land. You use the remover on the soil to move the soil elsewhere, but you do not receive the soil. The soil actually returns to the owner, which is the land manager who originally placed the soil

III. You purchase a land that has 4 Apiaries. You want to move the apiaries to another land, but you are not the object owner. Once you use the remover on the Apiaries, they will return to the original owner of the objects.

Items Placed Before the November 13th 2023 Update:

If any item was placed on a land before this update, it will not show on the gate. Therefore, any manager or owner can use their remover tool and it will return to the mailbox of the person who uses the remover tool.

New Land Owner Locked Land

If you have items on a land and the land owner has locked the land, so you can no longer access it, you can still retrieve the items you've placed! Go to the land, and click on the gate.

You should see a breakdown of items on the lower part of the farm board. Where your name is located, there's a small button to remove your items.

Make sure you have enough space, and the items will return to your bag.

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