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How to Purchase Pixel VIP with WRON
How to Purchase Pixel VIP with WRON
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RON to WRON Wrap Process

  • Start with RON in your Ronin wallet. You will need to wrap the RON to WRON

  • Make sure you connect the correct wallet that you want the RON/WRON wrap to occur in

  • Enter in the amount you want to wrap and press the Wrap button. Make sure to leave a little bit of RON in the wallet to pay for the transaction

  • Confirm the transaction in your wallet popup

  • Check your wallet to confirm the WRON has been successfully swapped and added into your balance.

Depositing WRON into your Pixels account

  • Select Deposit to the game

  • Select Ronin Wallet

  • Dashboard will scan the wallet for available WRON balance and update the amount when done

  • Press Deposit to game button again

  • Enter amount to deposit and press submit

  • Review the wallet popup and press Confirm

  • Click Send Deposit button

  • When complete, the deposit will show on the completed tab

  • Your in-game balance will not increase until you collect your WRON from the in-game mailbox

Collecting WRON from Mailbox in game

  • You can confirm your WRON balance on your Player status page via the Player button

  • Click the VIP booth in Terra Villa

  • Select the duration of the VIP coupon you wish to purchase

  • Enter the quantity you want to purchase, then click Buy

  • The VIP coupon(s) will go to your inventory and your WRON balance will be reduced by the correct amount

Using the Pixels VIP Coupon

  • The VIP coupon is tradeable and you can trade and activate it to any account you desire. To activate, you have to select the VIP coupon in your inventory and then click it on your avatar, this action will consume the coupon, and please take note that once activated, it cannot be undone.

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