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Submitting Your UGC Decorations
Submitting Your UGC Decorations
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Step 1: Go to Sell Marketplace

Go to the Custom Decorations tab in the Sell Marketplace Kiosk. Click on the 'Submit A Custom Decoration' button to head to the Dashboard.

Step 2: Connect Wallet

Step 3: Upload Decoration & Details

  • Name your object

  • Add a description

  • Upload the image.

  • Please select whether this item can be walked on, and if you're uploading a sprite sheet for animated objects. Add a collision box to your object if necessary.
    - Only high-quality artwork will be approved
    - Please keep objects relative to in-game sizes, using a 32x32 grid

Step 4: Submit for Review

  • Submit, and find your uploaded objects under the 'View My Decorations' link.

Step 5: Mint Approved Decorations

  • Once your object has been approved, you will be able to mint a minimum of 100 of the object for $PIXEL. You may then trade, sell, or do whatever you'd like with the object in-game.

Step 6: Collect Minted Decorations in Mailbox

Minted objects will appear in your Mailbox.

If you experience any issues or bugs, please submit via this form here: Bug Report Form

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