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I've created a new Pixels account and want to connect it to my main Pixels account
I've created a new Pixels account and want to connect it to my main Pixels account

How to Delete An Account

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This article is for users who have created a secondary Pixels account using a different wallet address (a new Ronin address, for example), phone number, or email and wish to instead use that login method with their main Pixels account.

To do this, you will need to permanently delete the secondary account that uses said login method.

You cannot merge 2 Pixels accounts. You will need to delete one, and attach the wallet address to the other via the Dashboard.

WARNING: Deleting an Account is FINAL. You cannot recover a deleted account so please be careful when deleting accounts.

Step 1: Delete the account

Start by logging into the secondary Pixels account, and open the Pixels Dashboard via the icon in the top right of the HUD.

Click on "Social" on the left panel, then "Delete Account".

Type 'delete pixels account' in the white bar below, then confirm the deletion of the account.

Again, remember that this is FINAL. We cannot recover this account if you change your mind afterwards.

The email, phone number or wallets attached to this account can now be used on another account.

Step 2: Add login method to existing Pixels account

Log into your main Pixels account, then navigate to the dashboard.

Attach a crypto wallet to your account:

Click on "Wallets" on the left panel. From here, click Connect Secondary Crypto Wallet. Follow the steps within the wallet's browser extension to complete the process. Find a full walk-through here.

Attach an email or phone number to your account:

Click on "Social" on the left panel. Choose which method you'd like to attach to your account.


Enter a valid e-mail address, and the system will send you a single-use code that you should enter into the form. Once confirmed, the email will be linked to your account.


Enter a valid phone number. If you do not see your country code in the list, use WhatsApp to receive your code.

DO NOT use Disposable/temporary phone numbers as you will put your account at risk of being hacked or compromised.

Once you've sent the SMS, you should receive an SMS or Whatsapp message with your OTP code. Enter the code and now your account can be logged in using your phone number.

Connecting Other Socials

You cannot login using Discord, Mocaverse or Twitter. But to connect these socials, you select the option you'd like to connect, and sign the relevant signatures.

Note: The Discord account's email cannot be connected to another account.

You cannot remove discord or twitter once connected so please be careful when attaching these socials.

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