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Exploring the In-Game Mailbox: Collecting Airdropped Items

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In the bustling world of Pixels, communication and rewards come together in the form of the in-game mailbox. This convenient feature serves as a centralized hub for receiving airdropped items and exciting rewards. In this Help Center article, we will guide you through the process of accessing and collecting items from your mailbox, ensuring that you never miss out on valuable airdrops.

Accessing Your Mailbox

Locating the Mailbox

The in-game mailbox can be found within the user interface, typically located in a dedicated section accessible from the main menu.

Collecting Airdropped Items

Notification Alerts

When you receive an airdrop or reward, a notification will appear, alerting you to check your mailbox. Keep an eye out for these notifications to ensure you don't miss out on valuable items.

Opening the Mailbox

Navigate to the mailbox interface and select the appropriate option to open and access your mailbox. This will display a list of received items and rewards waiting to be collected.

Reviewing Items

Take a moment to review the items and rewards listed in your mailbox. Each entry typically includes a description or icon indicating the nature of the reward.

Collecting Items

To claim your items, select the corresponding option for each reward or item in your mailbox. Depending on the game mechanics, you may need to click on an "Accept" or "Collect" button to add the items to your inventory or storage.

Enjoying the Rewards

Once collected, the items will be transferred to your inventory, where you can utilize them as desired. Whether it's valuable resources, special equipment, or unique cosmetic items, these rewards are yours to enjoy and enhance your gameplay experience.

Managing Your Mailbox

It's important to regularly check and clear your mailbox to make space for new airdropped items. Some games may have a limit on the number of items you can hold in your mailbox, so make sure to review and manage your collected rewards accordingly.


The in-game mailbox is a vital tool in the Pixels universe, providing a convenient way to collect airdropped items and valuable rewards. By following the simple steps outlined in this article, you can effortlessly access your mailbox, review the received items, and claim your rewards. Don't forget to check your mailbox regularly to ensure you never miss out on exciting airdrops and rewards that can enhance your gameplay journey in Pixels.

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