Unleashing the Power of the Axe

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In our virtual world of Pixels, the forestry skill holds great significance, allowing players to harness the art of tree harvesting and gather valuable resources. In this article, we'll delve into the step-by-step process of forestry, wielding your trusty axe to chop down trees and collect essential materials. Get ready to embrace the power of the axe and unlock the secrets of the forest.

1. Identifying Harvestable Trees:

As a budding forester, you'll need to spot the trees with X's spray painted on them. These marked trees signify that you have permission to chop them down. Navigate through the virtual landscapes and keep an eye out for these distinctive markings. Once you locate a marked tree, it's time to swing your axe into action.

2. Chopping Trees and Stumps:

Equip your axe and approach the marked tree. Engage in the chopping action, exerting energy to bring the towering timber down. Swing your axe with precision and watch as the tree falls, leaving behind a stump. Remember, your energy reserves are limited, so manage your chopping activities wisely.

3. Harvesting Resources:

Chopping down trees presents a chance to collect a variety of resources. As the tree falls, you have the opportunity to gather different types of wood, each with its own unique properties and uses. Additionally, there's a possibility of obtaining other valuable materials, such as sap, which can serve various purposes within the game's crafting system. Embrace the thrill of the chop, knowing that each swing may yield an exciting array of resources.

4. Strategic Considerations:

While forestry may seem straightforward, there are strategic elements to keep in mind. Consider the types of wood you need for specific crafting recipes or trading purposes. Prioritize chopping down trees that provide the desired wood variants. Additionally, be mindful of your energy levels, as excessive chopping without proper rest or energy replenishment may leave you drained and unable to continue your forestry endeavors.

5. Crafting and Progression:

The resources obtained through forestry open up a world of crafting possibilities. Utilize the collected wood and other materials to craft furniture, structures, tools, and other valuable items. As you advance in the forestry skill, explore advanced crafting recipes that require specific types of wood or utilize the sap in alchemy or potion-making. Embrace the creativity and progression that comes with mastering the forestry skill.


Forestry in Pixels brings the beauty and power of the axe to the forefront, allowing players to immerse themselves in the art of tree harvesting and resource gathering. By identifying marked trees, strategically chopping them down and collecting a variety of wood and resources, you'll unlock a world of crafting possibilities and progress within the game. So, equip your axe, venture into the virtual forests, and become a master of the forestry skill. Happy chopping!

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