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Can't Claim $BERRY
Can't Claim $BERRY
Updated over a week ago

The $BERRY airdrop has been vested into 3 claims. Each claim requires 3 unlocks to receive the tokens. If you are unable to claim, please review the following points:

  • You may not have completed the 3 claims:

    • Click on the claim to reveal the 3 unlocks. If one is greyed out, you have some work to do before claiming!

  • Only the top 20,000 players from the play-to-airdrop were allocated $BERRY tokens. If you are unsure if you made it, open a chat with the team in the bottom right of this screen.

  • Claim 1 will close Jan 30. If you didn't claim before this date, it is too late.

  • If your wallet has been comprised, unfortunately, we are unable to transfer the balance. If you still have access to the wallet, you can claim the balance, then transfer it to another user in-game.

  • If you've failed KYC, you will not be able to claim the tokens. We have now closed appeals.

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