Map Storage: Huts & Silos

Map Storage: Maximizing Resource Collection on NFT Farms

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In the expansive world of Pixels, NFT farms play a pivotal role in resource generation and attracting players. To incentivize owners and streamline resource collection, the introduction of Quonset Huts and Silos offers an efficient solution for storing excess resources. This article explores the functionality of these structures and their impact on maximizing map storage capacity.

Quonset Huts: Collecting Excess Resources

Every NFT farm is equipped with a Quonset Hut, a versatile structure designed to collect a small percentage of resources produced on the farm. As players engage with the farm, resources are gradually accumulated in the Quonset Hut. This feature encourages owners to actively attract players to their farms, as the excess resources collected in these huts provide an additional benefit.

Storage Limitations

However, it's important to note that Quonset Huts have a storage capacity. Once the hut reaches its maximum capacity, no further resources can be collected until the stored items are emptied. Regularly monitoring and managing the Quonset Hut's storage capacity is crucial to ensure a continuous collection of excess resources.

Silo Expansion: Enhancing Map Storage

On a select portion of NFT farms, Silos are available as an additional feature. These structures provide players with expanded map storage slots, allowing for a greater capacity to collect resources without the need for frequent emptying. Silos offer a convenient solution for players who desire an extended period of resource accumulation before attending to their storage needs.

Optimizing Resource Collection

With the combination of Quonset Huts and Silos, NFT farm owners can optimize their resource collection efforts. The Quonset Huts serve as a starting point for collecting excess resources, while the Silos provide an avenue for extending the storage capacity, reducing the frequency of manual intervention required for emptying.


Map storage plays a vital role in resource management and incentivizes NFT farm owners to attract players to their virtual lands. The introduction of Quonset Huts and Silos offers a strategic advantage, allowing players to collect excess resources and expand their storage capacity. By effectively utilizing these structures, NFT farm owners can create a thriving ecosystem that encourages resource generation, engagement, and progression within the vibrant world of Pixels. Embrace the power of map storage, optimize your resource collection, and unlock the full potential of your NFT farm!

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